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Time Trials Rules and Regulations

We (the Andover Wheelers) do try and run relaxed, friendly and low-key events but there is also a serious side to competing on the 'open' roads and we do have to run our events under the 'Rules & Regulations' of the time trials governing body, the CTT. These rules are quite extensive but, for many of you that a fairly new to the sport in recent years (and those that aren't but should know better!), you are probably completely unaware of them and I would highly recommend that you read them, in particular Rules 1, 18, 19, 20 and 21!! As follows:-


1. Observance of Regulations & Behaviour

(a) Competitors, officials, helpers or members of affiliated clubs shall not act or behave in a manner such as to give offence to the public interest or such as to bring the sport into disrepute.

(b) The onus of ensuring the observance of Regulations governing the promotion and conduct of events shall be upon the promoting body. Any member of an affiliated club procuring or assisting in procuring a breach of the Company's Rules and Regulations shall be deemed to have committed a breach of such Rules and Regulations, and shall be liable to disciplinary action.

(c) When a rider is suspended from competition, they may not compete in any event held under the jurisdiction of the Company during the period of suspension.

(d) A rider who knowingly competes with, paces or is paced by another rider who is suspended from competition shall himself be guilty of a breach of Regulations and liable to disciplinary action.


18. Covering the Course
The onus of keeping to the course rests with each rider. When dismounted a competitor must wheel or carry his machine without assistance whilst covering any portion of the course.


19. Awareness of Surroundings

1.    Competitors must not wear head/earphones associated with audio equipment except hearing aids.

2.    Where head and/or eye protection is used, competitors must ensure that this does not impair their vision or hearing.


20. Observance of the Law

1.    not ride in a manner that is unsafe either to themselves or to other road users

2.    ride on the left-hand side of the road except for safe overtaking and when making right hand turns

3.    conform to all traffic signs, signals and direction indicators

4.    in making any turn before, during or after the event, ensure that it is safe to do so.

5.    All competitors in, or in the vicinity of the event, must observe the law of the land relating to road use.


Event officials must not seek to regulate or interfere with other traffic.

Note: Where there has been an accident as a result of a competitor's contravention of (a) above the competitor shall normally be subjected to a minimum effective period of suspension of six competitive months for a first offence and twelve months for a second offence.



21. Paced & Company Riding
Competitors must ride entirely alone and unassisted and not ride in company or take shelter (commonly known as drafting) from other riders or vehicles. A competitor overtaking another must pass without receiving or giving shelter. The onus of avoiding company riding shall be upon the rider overtaken.

Competitors must ride entirely alone and unassisted and not ride in company or take shelter (commonly known as drafting) from another rider or vehicles.
If you should catch up another rider you should try to pass as quickly as possible and must not in any other circumstances ride close behind so that you take shelter from the wind.
You must set your own pace and not use another rider as a pace maker. The onus on avoiding company riding shall be on the rider overtaken.
Nor is it in order to ride alongside and even to ride a few metres behind for any appreciable distance. In the spirit of the sport, caught riders should not disturb the performance of the rider catching them by repassing and/or riding closely behind them, except when they can sustain that move. This is generally considered to mean that the caught rider should allow a reasonable gap to develop of some 30 to 50 yards/metres.


As you can see, it is every competitor’s responsibility to ride in a safe manner and abide by the rules of the road, even if that interrupts your race effort!! As you can see by the extract above (and the full rules & regulations themselves), if an incident occurs, or you are observed riding in an unsafe manner, you could be suspended from competition! And that isn't by the Andover Wheelers, that would be by the CTT District Council!! Although, we will also take a poor view if we observe any unsafe riding too, and may well consider suspending anyone who disregards these rules in any of our events!


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