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Time Trials

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Time Trials

Time trialling involves trying to cover a set distance in the lowest possible time. Distances vary with the standard races are held over 10, 25, 50 and 100 miles. Events are also held over other distances on sporting courses covering quiet circuits. They can sometimes be quite hilly.

There are also early season two ups where two riders start together and share the pace making. Late season hill climbs are held if you like climbing.

Club Time Trials

Time trialling is easy for beginners to get involve. To ride an Andover Wheelers club events you can turn up with a suitable road bike. Guests are welcome to come along and try a couple of times before needing to join.

Andover Wheelers run a large number of ride trials throughout the summer on a variety of courses and distances. For each race the club will advertise the time and where to meet as a HQ.


Aerodynamics is very important and experienced riders will use a number of different equipment such as specialist race suits, triathlon bars, disc wheels and teardrop helmets the help lower their times. They are looking to ride in a position that maximises power output and aerodynamics. For beginners the great thing is that none of this matters. Any road bike is fine to start on as you will have a personal target to try to beat next week.

Open events

With a bit more experience “Open” events can be attempted. These have to be entered in advance, at least 2 weeks before the event. They are listed in the CTT handbook or are also available via the CTT website.

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