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What to consider when buying a new bike

Posted by on Jul 22, 2016

Bicycles might have started off as two-wheeled wooden frames, propelled by the user’s feet kicking the ground—in fact, they did start that way, and they were called hobby horses—but over the last 150 years bicycles have developed to meet the needs of those who use them for transportation, for sport and even for art. But if you’re on this website you’re probably not looking for a bike as a symbol of beauty (though, who doesn’t love these?) but rather because you’re a sportsperson, amateur or otherwise. There’s a few things worth considering before you buy a new bike.

When you buy a new car you would spend some time considering what you’re going to buy. You’d read up on performance, on space, on fuel efficiency, on CO2 output, on durability, and on longevity, depending on what your needs are. With a bicycle it’s no different (well, you may not really consider CO2 emissions or fuel efficiency). Decide on if you want a bike designed for city use, for off-roading in the mountains, or for long-distance touring. Nothing is worse than having a mountain-bike on a 200 kilometre trip through paved, flat trails, except perhaps having a large- and narrow-wheeled long-distance bike going up a muddy mountain trail. The type of cycling you’ll be doing should govern your decision tremendously.

It’s not quite as straightforward as it may sound however. Even if you’re going to be using your bike as a primary mode of transportation in the flat city where you live, it could still be a good idea to invest in a mountain bike if there are a lot of building sites in your area or numerous potholes and or any other analogous obstacles.

Where possible you may consider joining a cycling club to talk to people to hear their stories, and, if you befriend members of a club, you may be able to try out their bikes. Also, have a look at any cycling events going on in your area so you can see how competitors cycle. You may even want to follow some pros in some of the larger, more famous events such as the Tour d’Italy or the Tour d’France. Following the sport as a spectator can also give you some ideas on what kind of bike you should buy to meet your own needs.

Before you purchase anything however, check your area for bike shops and bike rental places. A quality bicycle is not a cheap investment and buying several hundred dollars for one is the lower end of the spectrum. Have a look at a local retailer and if they rent bikes, see if you can’t take a couple out for a few hours. Sometimes the best way to know if you’re suited to a bike, or it to you, is to get on the saddle and have a pedal!

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Some points to remember when you’re starting out betting

Posted by on May 8, 2016

1. Know exactly how much you are going to bet before you bet. Or to put in another way: have a budget! Many a gambler has lost everything by placing larger and larger bets in the hopes of recovering their previous losses. As seductive a prospect as it is to earn back everything you’ve lost on one bet—and that is why most of us gamble—it’s a very poor business model, if you will. Have a budget and stick to it. You might make money, but if you lose whatever you allocated for that visit to the bookies, then wait until you have more money to bet before putting down more money.
2. Keep meticulous records of how well or how poorly you are doing. It doesn’t matter if you’ve increased your net wealth tenfold overnight or if in the course of an after you had to sell your house and all your possessions in order to cover your gambling losses. Truthfully it must be said, if you don’t take serious approach to betting then you’re likely going to lose a lot more than you make. It’s crucial to your success that you’re able to track what you’ve done well and areas where you need improvement. No matter how good your memory is you’ll only really be able to do this if you keep proper records.
3. Before getting properly and truly involved in gambling, you will need to know (or at least have a little bit of an idea) about all the behind the scenes action in the gaming industry. Not only will you need to understand the sports you’re getting on but also you should know as much as you can about how bookies and casinos make their money. Obviously, they are in it for a profit, and obviously they are making profits otherwise they wouldn’t still be here. Once you understand how the industry functions you’ll have a different way of looking at what is a good or bad bet and you’ll be able to optimise you’re chances on making some cash.
4. Make sure your bets make sense. When asked why you bet on a specific team or athlete or match, you need to be able to explain why you placed that bet. Don’t chose a team to put money on because you like their logo, or you heard from a friend of a friend that might have a decent chance. Really think about why you are betting on that event and have sound, logical reasons for why you place your bet.


5. Always bet on what you know. This doesn’t mean that you can’t start betting on something new or expand your gambling horizons by betting on new or unfamiliar sports. What it does mean though is that before you place bets on that new, fun and exotic sport that you need to understand what is going on. Learn the rules, watch the matches, think about how you would bet on, but don’t actually bet on them, just follow your would-be success or failure rate before you actually starting putting your money where your mouth is. And when you do place a bet be sure it’s for sports you already understand.
6. Be sure you’re in the right state before you make your bet. It’s not a dramatic concept or one that is difficult to understand, but it’s one that is absolutely vital. Firstly, try not to bet when you’re drunk. Chances are whatever you think is a great idea, isn’t really a great idea. But beyond that keep in mind your emotional state as well. If you’re worried about money, then maybe it’s a good time to take a break from betting instead of placing larger and larger bets in the hopes of recovering some of your losses.

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Tour De France Updated Odds and Predictions

Posted by on Jul 16, 2015

Tour de France Betting and Tour de France Odds

Chris Froome is favored to win the 2015 Tour de France.  Froome is the odds-on favorite with Nairo Quintana a distance second choice at odds of 6-1.  Alberto Contador is a distance third choice in the betting at odds of 33-1 while Tejay Van Garderen is 65-1.  All of the other riders are listed at odds of 100-1 or more.

Let’s take a look at Tour de France betting and 2015 Tour de France odds.

Odds to Win 2015 Tour de France:

Chris Froome 1-10

Nairo Quintana 6-1

Alberto Contador 33-1

Tejay Van Garderen 65-1

All of the other riders are listed at 100-1 or more.

Froome Keeping Rivals Behind Him

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Chris Froome has maintained the yellow jersey in recent stages as his main rivals have not picked up any ground. In fact, one of his main competitors, defending champion Vincenzo Nibali has lost ground. “My teammates rode fantastically,” said Froome after Stage 11. “They really kept a hold and kept a control on a race that could have blown out of control very easily.”  Froome realizes that the race is not over saying, “This race isn’t over.  I can expect every day that someone’s going to try to take the race on and make it difficult and try to get some time back.”


Tour de France Betting

The 2015 Tour de France is the 102nd edition of the great race. It started on July 4th in Utrecht, the Netherlands and will conclude on July 26th in Champs-Elysees in Paris, France.  A total of 22 teams were entered in the 2012 Tour de France with the maximum number of riders in the field at 198. A total of 32 countries are represented in the race with France leading the way with 41.  Before the race began there were four main contenders to win the Tour de France. They were defending champion Vincenzo Nibali, 2013 winner Chris Froome, Alberto Contador and Nairo Quintana.  It is looking like Froome will win the 2015 Tour de France but you can do more than just pick the ultimate race winner when you bet on this race.  And also keep in mind that the odds can change based on the results of each stage.  You can bet on individual stages and you can also still bet on King of the Mountains, Points Classification and Young Rider Classification winners.


Stage Betting

You can bet on who you think will win each individual stage of the Tour de France.  If you have already made your wager on a rider to win the entire race you may want to have additional action on the individual stages.  And unless you bet on Froome you will be looking for more action.  There is plenty of action at the online sportsbook as individual stages take place on an almost daily basis for most of the month of July.  The action picks up in the mountains where anything can happen.  The week of July 22nd through July 25th will see four pivotal mountain stages.


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