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Whether you’re a complete beginner or already an experienced cyclist, there is plenty to be gained by joining Andover Wheelers Cycling Club.

  • You’ll have the company and support of like-minded people who enjoy the benefits of a healthy outdoor activity.
  • There’s a year round programme of events with the opportunity to try different aspects of cycling.
  • You’ll learn skills and road craft by riding with other club cyclists.
  • You’ll also discover parts of the countryside you probably didn't know existed, and you’ll certainly become much fitter as a result.

​If you’re already a competent cyclist, then the Wheelers gives you the chance to develop your abilities further, tackling more adventurous rides with other enthusiasts.

As an added bonus, being a member of Andover Wheelers is unbelievably good value, costing at most just over £1 per month for Senior members. A year's membership is less than a month of almost any gym membership! Current membership costs are as follows:

Membership typeAnnual Cost
Senior (24-64)£12.50
Youth (18-23)£5.00
Over 65s£5.00
Under 18sFree
Current membership costs

If you'd like to join Andover Wheelers, then please fill out our online membership form.