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This is old news to anyone in the Facebook group, but I thought I'd syndicate the results from the two impromptu Thruxton TTs for posterity.

Racing secretary Ian Knight has negotiated the use of Thruxton circuit both this Wednesday (24th April) and next Wednesday (1st May) to run a couple of unscheduled TTs.

Unfortunately due to standing water on the Monxton course, tonight's 2-up Monxton TT is cancelled. Apologies to anyone who was planning on riding!

Racing Secretary, Ian Knight, has been very busy over the past few months devising the club's 2024 Time Trial calendar, which can now be unveiled.

After much procrastination, and a realisation that writing website content is much more time intensive than meets the eye, the new Andover Wheelers website is nearly ready.

The minutes of the club's committee meeting held on Thursday, 11th January 2024.