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Monxton 8.25 mile

Officially known as P614c.

Short Description:  Amport – Grateley – Monxton
Event HQ:   Amport Cricket Ground SU303437
Map Details:   Ordnance Survey – Landranger Series Sheet 185
Aprés Course:  The Hawk Public House, Amport

Safe Route to the Start and from The Finish

Usual HQ is between the Start and Finish points.

Course Description

  1. START adjacent to Amport Cricket ground (SU302437).
  2. Proceed west towards Grateley.
  3. At Grateley village centre caution for sharp left-hand bend, sharp right-hand bend followed by sharp left-hand bend out of village.
  4. Give way and turn left at Grateley Station followed by left turn onto Old Stockbridge Road.
  5. Continue for approximately 2 miles, then turn left into Broad Road towards Monxton.
  6. Caution left-hand bend at Prospect Farm and caution at sharp right-hand bend at railway bridge, then follow road to finish.
  7. FINISH 100 metres short of give way at end road (Monxton) SU314441.