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New website launched!


It's taken a surprisingly long time, but the new Andover Wheelers website is finally live!

The site lifts, shifts and refreshes much of the information from the outgoing site. In writing the content for this site 2 main use cases were considered:

  1. Existing members who are looking to find out what's on.
  2. Prospective members who want to find out more about the club and how to get involved.

There are no doubt lots of other use cases, but these seemed by far the most important. Given the old site was full of outdated information, the plan was to launch this site as soon as it was complete enough to be of use. The intention is to keep iterating over the website over the coming months, improving it, and adding to it as News and Events naturally occur in the course of the club's existence.

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, the plan is to relocate the old website to, so it can be referenced if needed. This post will be updated to reflect that move once it's been put in place.